Chicken Ball and Carrot Soup Recipe

Something different, Something fabulously Delicious !

If you are looking for soup recipe - something Chinese, clear broth soup, not something heavy with cream, why not try this delicious chicken ball soup? This chicken ball soup is easy and delicious with different taste and texture from the commonly consumed fish ball soup.  I like the sweetness from the vegetables, especially the carrots and corns, as well as the chicken meat.


Ingredients :


70g (2 ½ oz) chicken breast meat
20g (3/4 oz) carror or 1 whole big carrot
20g (3/4 oz) garden peas and sweet corn (optional)
20g (3/4 oz) 1 whole potato
35g ( 1 ¼ oz) white mushroom / champignon (optional)
Half teaspoon of black pepper powder

Seasonings :


Sea salt
Soya sauce

Method :

1.    Peel the carrot and use small scoop to scoop out carrot into a ball shape. (Alternatively, you can just cut into small cubes.)
2.    Peel potato, and scoop out potato balls too. (Or cut into cubes.)
3.    Mince the chicken meat.  (Remove the bone if there is any before mincing)
4.    Mix the minced meat with salt, cornstarch and black pepper powder (up to your taste).
5.    Boil half pot of water.
6.    Add chicken balls into the boiling water, follow by carrot balls and potato balls. 
7.    Boil for 10 minutes in low heat.
8.    Add garden peas, sweet corn and mushrooms.
9.    Boil for another 5 minutes.
10.  Add salt and black pepper powder to taste.

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