Quick and Easy Seaweed Soup Recipe


If you are looking for something quick, easy, nutritious and very tasty, consider this Seaweed Soup. All you need is anchovies stock, seaweed, egg and some spring onions for garnishing.

For better seaweed, you can choose to use the vitamin-rich wakame seaweed, commonly used in miso soup. Wakame seaweed has been well-known for its health benefits such as anti-obesity and very high in EPA, an essential fatty acid. So, if you intend to loss some weight, this is the soup for you.  If not, it is still a very nutritious and healthy soup to consider.

To replace anchovies stock, you can use fresh anchovies, pork ribs or chicken bones. 
Easy Seaweed Soup



Pork ribs or chicken bone or anchovies stock

100g seaweed

2 eggs

1 stalks spring onions

½ tsp pepper powder

Salt to taste


1.       If you are using pork or chicken bone, boil it for an hour using small fire in a pot of water. The amount of water used should cover the bone.  After an hour, remove the bone.

2.       Alternatively, if you use anchovies stock, skip step 1, and follow the instruction on the package for water use, and prepare the soup accordingly.

3.       Soak the seaweed in water to remove the sand and dirt. Drip dry.

4.       Whip the eggs

5.       Chop the spring onions until fine

6.       When the soup base is ready, add in the washed seaweed and boil for 10 minutes.

7.       Then, add in the whipped eggs, and stir well.

8.       When the egg is cooked, add the pepper powder and salt to taste.

9.       Scoop the soup into bowls and garnish with spring onions.

Note :
For variety, you can add one or more of the following into the soup : fish ball, tofu, crab meat, or ground meat.

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